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Brand the Moth


Brand the Moth began as a small group of female artists working to create and sell handmade and printed works as a collective, in order to facilitate community arts projects. Under the direction of Co-Founder Sam Guzzie, Brand the Moth is currently developing as a nonprofit for mural arts and art education in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, beginning with the Gold District Neighborhood. Recently approved as a 501(a), Brand the Moth is now taking steps towards becoming a 501c(3) public charity. The mission is to bring together local and visiting artists, as well as students and community volunteers to create a collection of murals that give the arts a united voice. Brand the Moth seeks to change how art is viewed in Charlotte, while representing the people and history of the area, and teaching that the arts have a great potential for community togetherness and change.

The arts teach us to explore inventive processes and excite new ways of looking at the world. We believe that arts in the community not only beautifies the area, but entices walk-ability, promotes thought and discussion and inspires creative thought and healthy expression in early education. As the Gold District and Charlotte continues to grow we hope to represent their future by supporting local small businesses and artists while stimulating tourism and the art economy through our mural arts program.

Shop original prints and note cards at Magnolia Emporium, 307 Lincoln St. or                                                                                           Where a portion of every purchase goes directly to community arts 

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